The global spread of brazilian jiu-jitsu has brought to our sport thousands of practitioners, which in fact is very good for everyone. Unfortunately, what did not grow in the same way was the importance of the basic part of gentle art (Jiu-Jitsu).

In the mid-1940s, Grand Master Carlos Gracie created challenges to show the public the jiu-jitsu developed by him and his brothers. During these events, the bjj's father highlighted the importance of self-defense and how much it could make a difference in people's lives.

Although the gentle art developed much more on the ground, the 4 Gracie brothers prioritized the teachings of self defense against knives, weapons and danger situations that simple civilians could experience in their daily lives.

The years have passed and much has changed in teaching and propagating the fight system created by Carlos Gracie. Several schools were create around the world and In the same way the competitions also grew. A way to keep up with the continuous growth of the sport, but in the sporting arena, medals and trophies have become the priority. The basic part and the self defense were - when not excluded, in second and third plane in the life of the practitioners.

That's why you'll still be chocked to see an individual claiming to have 20 years of Jiu-Jitsu practice, making a mistake by applying a choke from the mount position. Not a few people come to the black belt making such mistakes and without a minimum knowledge of self-defense.

Remember that all current techniques, somehow, originated from the basics, from defense against aggressors. Knowing and understanding the basics is like having a knowledge of the history of art: it allows you to not make mistakes based on previous experience.

We offer self defense classes every Thursday from 6-7pm. It is a 3 months course

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