"Start Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes On Your Terms and Unleash Your Inner Martial Artist"


We Provide You Private Classes Based on Your Convenience. You Choose The Time That Suits You and the Level at Which You’re Comfortable.


From: Joao Crus
Date: 11/10/2016

You’ll never miss classes just because they don’t line up with your schedule. You won’t train with members of different levels and end up confused and overwhelmed.

It's open to children and adults!

We make attending classes effortless for you, so you can nurture and release the warrior within.

Why BJJ?

Because the best fighters who need a comprehensive martial art turn to BJJ. It prepares you for all combat situations and transforms you into a versatile fighter.

Besides, BJJ is much more than a martial art. It’s a lifestyle that hones your mind.

You will:

Develop a sharp mind focus along with longer attention span;

Enhance reflexes and encourage creativity;

Develop confidence and tenacity.

Those are skills you acquire in the dojo and which carry over in all aspects of life. This sharp mindset makes you a resourceful, dependable person.

Become a passionate BJJ practitioner or your money back


With our money-back guarantee, there is nothing for you to lose. Moreover, we know you’ll be thrilled: you get private classes for both adults and children.

Certified Instructors teach you the level of depth you want at your chosen time. Tailor made training is our trademark.

Pay us a visit for a FREE 30 minute private class.

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Come anytime and speak to students. Give our classes a try and start a new journey!

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