Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than just a regular sport.
It’s more than a martial art. It’s a way to change your life. You hear a lot of people talk about the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lifestyle, but what does that mean?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu changes your life in following ways:

  • Increase Your Attention Spam
  • Develop Confidence & Coordination in Children
  • Increase Your Mind Focus, helps you concentrate
  • Helps in developing Leadership Skills & Self-defense in Children
  • Helps in losing weight & Stay fit and Active.

It’s fun. Plain and simple!

Why don’t you simply Walk into our academy and talk to some of the students who have just started training Brazilian jiu jitsu and ask them what it’s has done for them.

Get UNMATCHED Benefits from Our Professional Classes:

  • Get Private Classes ( Both for Adults and Children)
  • Learn as much deep & in detail as you want and that too in your chosen time.
  • Professionally Certified Instructors

Money Back Guarantee! (In case you do not like the class)

What More? We have got Exciting Packages to Suit your Needs.
Package 1: 5 Classes
Package 2: 10 Classes
Package 3: 20 Classes

Still feeling skeptical? Walk in to our academy and Give it a Try Yourself, You will get a FREE 30 Minute Private Class. This is the best way, you can be sure of the Quality & Professionalism of our Classes and Instructors.

Call us and schedule your class: 512-644-4560

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Worth every penny

I started taking semi-private classes in early 2016 after enrolling my daughter in group classes. One of the great benefits of private classes that I appreciate most is the that Joao communicates with me in a way that suits my strengths and weaknesses best. He makes sure that I understand both the technique and the overall concept. Additionally, private classes allows me to learn at a much more rapid pace. Joao is an incredible teacher with an extraordinary ability to help you understand. His professionalism, humility and patience are attributes that make my classes a enjoy to attend every week. I recommend anyone considering classes to take advantage of a trial semi-private lesson so you can see how great they truly are.

We LOVE Joao!!

My 7 year old daughter has been doing the group jiu-jitsu classes since February 2016 and she has loved every second of it. The classes are fun yet full of learning technique and practicing. We decided to do private lessons after an incident at the beginning of the school year on the playground. Joao made sure to put her with a larger partner and has taught her new ways to defend herself. She has had about 7 lessons now and because of the one-on-one environment, she has learned so much in such a short period of time. This weekend she will be competing in her 3rd tournament!! Joao teaches the kiddos self defense and provides them with discipline and confidence. The private lessons have helped my daughter excel even further and she is always excited to learn a new move. If you can't commit to the 2 weekly classes, I highly recommend his private lessons. You will be amazed at how much can be taught and learned in one lesson. We love it and couldn't be happier with this studio!!