Learning real jiu-jitsu is not easy. When and how to apply certain techniques make the matches seem like a real chess game. Knowing how to move at the right moment, just like in the board game, at the time of the action the experience of the "jiujiteiro" makes all the difference

But how to gain experience on the mat? Is there an easier way to become savvy? Often, these questions are asked by those who have now started on the path of gentle art. In fact, becoming an experienced trainer takes time, but you can make this process simpler with some care when acting and thinking.

Watch video techniques help? It depends. In the case of beginners, the greatest concern should be in learning well the ABC of jiu-jitsu. When the fundamental and basic part of the bjj is absorbed clearly, it becomes easier to learn the more advanced techniques.

Is training every day a good way to evolve faster? Certainly yes, but you should know who to train with. Give preference to training with the most graduated. They are more technical, are more careful and still take the time to help you.
Does not tapping out make me a "tough guy"? No. Train with awareness. Tapping out avoids injuries and makes you rethink about your mistake. Do not let pride hamper your performance.

I feel comfortable in a position. I'll just do it. A versatile fighter knows how to act and react in different situations. Do not settle, try new game styles.

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