Eating properly is important for everyone, but for athletes healthy eating is essential for their ultimate performance. The calories requirement for a jiu-jitsu athlete, for example, is much higher than the average person, so in order for their performance and health not to be affected, good nutrition must be on the priority list.

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats

Carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats are fuels needed to maintain your energy. Carbohydrates act on the regulation of blood sugar and the level of glycogen in muscles, which prevent muscle fatigue.

Fats can not be restricted from your diet because they provide essential fatty acids, which the human body uses as a source of energy, especially in activities lasting more than an hour.

Proteins help build new muscle tissues, and also provide energy to athletes. The need for protein becomes greater when doing resistance training.

Healthy eating is linked directly in maintaining your weight, do not just try to cut off the fats and carbohydrates from your diet, as this can not only be dangerous to your body but also to your athletic performance.

Fibers, fruits and vegetables

It is recommended to increase the intake of plant fibers, fruits, whole grains and legumes to obtain essential nutrients, as well as lean protein sources and low-fat foods. The follow-up of a nutritionist will help identify which eating behaviors are unhealthy, thus creating a healthy eating plan that suits your physical needs.

Hydration is key

Staying hydrated is vital not only for your sporting performance but also for your personal life. The water provides musculoskeletal lubrication as well as helps in transporting nutrients throughout your body and is part of a healthy diet.
Dehydration can occur in any environment, but it becomes dangerous when engaging in physical activities. Water is the recommended source of hydration for any sport, but when engaging in intense physical activity for more than an hour, it is advisable to replace the lost electrolytes with a sports drink.

After a workout or competition, we usually do not bother to put back the spent energies. However, it is essential to be aware of their energy and fluid replacement, especially when these needs are not met during physical activity.

Most athletes do not consume enough fluids during events, making it essential to take care of your body after activities.

Nutrition Supplements

Even with balanced diet, most people in today's racing world, including athletes, can not absorb all the nutrients necessary for a better functioning of our body, so in some cases it becomes necessary to use nutritional supplements, which Aims to complement our diet.
High-level athletes make constant use of supplements, so they can achieve even better results in their workouts. The use of supplements should be recommended by specialists and nutritionists, so that the goals can be achieved.


Nothing replaces the good food and a ruled life, with the famous restful sleep. Eat well, sleep well, hydrate yourself and practice jiu-jitsu and other physical activities.
Whenever possible, consult a nutritionist who can keep track of your body mass, and fat levels. A follow-up with a specialist will help increase your physical and personal performance.

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