Join us for an exciting Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense class for Women

When: Every Saturday
Time: 10-11am
Where: Joao Crus Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
            6116 West Highway 290
            Austin,TX 78735  ( Between Boomerz and YMCA)
Self Defense class for women of all ages based on the principles of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
It is one hour class in a fun, safe, and cooperative learning environment with emphasis in empowering women to defend from most common attacks ranging from having your hair grabbed to being pinned to the ground. No previous experience is necessary.
Good self-defense programs do not “tell” an individual what she “should” or “should not” do. A program should offer options, techniques, and a way of analyzing situations. A program may point out what USUALLY works best in MOST situations, but each situation is unique and the final decision rests with the person actually confronted by the situation.
Q: What is Women’s Self-Defense?
Self-defense is a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that enable someone to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks. A good self-defense course provides psychological awareness and verbal skills, not just physical training.
Q: Does Self-Defense Work?
Yes. Self-defense training can increase your options and help you prepare responses to slow down, de-escalate, or interrupt an attack. Like any tool, the more you know about it, the more informed you are to make a decision and to use it.
Q: Is Self-Defense a Guarantee?
No. There are no guarantees when it comes to self-protection. However, self-defense training can increase your choices and your preparedness.