Defending Against Bullying

anti-bullying classes


Fighting is not the answer to solving the massive problem of bullying, but what if learning self-defense could help prevent it in the first place…

Here’s how Joao Crus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps children learn to defend themselves against bullying:

Interpersonal Skills
Being part of an active class, helps children understand each other and different points of view. They realize that they are not so different after all and can come together to meet a common goal. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes teach children to work together, in unison, not against each other. Children learn to work with partners, fostering cooperation. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches children self-discipline and socialization skills, not violence.

Jiu Jitsu classes help children focus their minds while working on their bodies. This provides deeper concentration skills, helpful in school, while also helping children control their emotions. Anger, fear, and defeat turn into empowerment. Children learn early to work with their own bodies to reach and master goals. Learning to stand their ground and stay calm, can help a child defeat bullying before it even begins.

Perhaps the most important of all is confidence. Bullies tend to pick on those who they think are weaker. Learning skills like Jiu Jitsu, that combine body and mind, gives children a confidence and self-esteem boost. It helps them stand strong when they need to. It can give children, that are afraid, more courage knowing that they have self-defense skills. With more confidence, children are able to ensure that they will not be bullying victims and possibly even help others. Increased confidence can help children that are being bullies, as well, when they develop self-respect. Children learn to believe in their abilities and do not feel the need to threaten or manipulate others.

Has your child had success with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Would love to hear about it in the comments.

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