I have been following the division of opinions about teaching and practicing self-defense at some Jiu-Jitsu schools. I am completely in favor and teach self defense in my classes. I know some teachers who also teach and encourage the training of this part of our Jiu-Jitsu in their classes. But there are disagreements, teachers who do not think self defense is important and leave it aside in their academies.

Self defense is seen by many teachers and athletes only as a part, or an introduction to Jiu-Jitsu. Many do not value because it they are unaware of its importance and efficiency. In informal conversations, I have heard fighters explicitly assert that they do not attach importance to the positions and concepts taught in self-defense, and consequently, their students fail to learn important teachings.

When you train self-defense, you demonstrate how effective it is and allow you a quick transition to apply your Jiu-Jitsu. On the other hand, there are teachers who realize their importance and teach them to their students. I think is very important for the fighter and the jiu-jitsu student to be complete, or at least have the foundation of how to get in some positions in the case of a combat or a real life confrontation, which is the goal.

As some instructors, who teach self-defense in their classes and are also, like me, a great advocate of this art within our soft art say: "Self defense should in fact be termed LEGITIMATE DEFENSE and taught within the principles of Necessity, Opportunity, Legality, Proportionality and Ethics. From prevention to physical contact and its consequences. We need to thoroughly train the techniques, to be able to use them efficiently and effectively if necessary. "

I fully agree. Self-defense has to be practiced, repeated to the point that we instinctively do, because you never know when you need to use it. In my studio, I realize that some students do not understand their importance at first. But with the passing of classes, they begin to understand its dynamics and purpose. So the interest is aroused, especially when certain situations are put in class, in cases that can occur in any environment, with any of us.

Knowing self-defense is the first step in protecting your physical integrity, knowing how to get out of a danger zone and position yourself in a safe zone. Seeing MMA fights, it is clear to observe in some situations how the lack of this knowledge compromises the athlete, costing his defeat, as well as its application takes a fighter any other person out of an uncomfortable situation and can open the way to his victory, among other situations

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