Techniques required to receive the Blue belt

After receiving the 4th strip on your white belt on our in house tournaments, you are eligible to be tested for the blue belt. We have 2 tests per year. Please check our events  of the year's page.


1st Stripe white belt:


  1. Arm bar from the guard
  2. Scissor sweep from the guard
  3. Pendulum sweep
  4. Pendulum arm bar
  5. Choke from the guard
  6. kimura from the guard
  7. Choke from the mount position
  8. Choke from the back
  9. Arm bar from the mount position
  10. Choke from the side control
  11. submission from knee on belly
  12. Kimura from side control
  13. Americana from side control
  14. escape from mount position
  15. Escape from side control


2nd Stripe white belt:


  1. Rolling Forward
  2. Rolling Backward
  3. Hip Escape
  4. Head Lock Defense
  5. Defense of back bear hug
  6. Passing the Guard – “ Toreando”
  7. Knee through passing Guard
  8. Sweep holding the belt from the guard
  9. Sweep from the guard – holding the opponent’s heels – opponent standing inside the guard
  10. Arm lock from 100 kilos
  11. Kimura from 100 kilos
  12. Choke from the mount using thumbs
  13. Choke from the back using the Gi Lapel
  14. Clock Choke
  15. Guillotine choke


3rd Stripe  white belt:


  1. Crucifix Choke
  2. Choke from the back w/ one arm behind the head
  3. Escape from the mount position II
  4. Sweep Balao – flipping the opponent over your head
  5. Repositioning the guard from the side control
  6. Escaping from mount position using the elbows
  7. Escaping from mount position when you head is locked
  8. Koshi Guruma – Take Down
  9. O Goshi-Take Down
  10. Defending from full Nelson
  11. Defense from the head lock standing
  12. Osotogari – Take Down


4th Stripe exam white belt:


  1. Triangle Choke
  2. Ipon Seionage – Take Down
  3. Double Leg – Take Down
  4. Single Leg – Take Down
  5. Passing the Half Guard
  6. Sweep From the half guard I
  7. Sweep From the half guard II
  8. Taking The back from the half guard
  9. Defense from arm bar inside the guard II
  10. Defense from bear hug from the back II
  11. Escape from the Back control