The body is the main tool for practicing martial arts, but not the only one. The body does not work alone, besides a good physical conditioning it is necessary that the practitioner has a healthy mind.

Wearing the kimono and  finishing the class with a sense of accomplishment  each day can help you a lot more than you think. In addition to losing extra pounds, increasing respiratory capacity, strengthening muscles and improving aesthetics, practicing jiu-jitsu brings other benefits that surpass physical barriers and reach mental health.

Gentle art provides a lifestyle that encompasses vital care to continue the journey of the mats. The food, the physical and the mind work in a mutual way so that everything else is ok. Without being well prepared in these aspects, there will be no good result in the battles of competitions and life. Meet the psychic opponents that you can defeat by training jiu-jitsu:


Concerns about solving day-to-day problems, bills to pay, work, children, etc. all of this often lead people to indulge in emotional problems.
Jiu-jitsu acts as an escape valve in such cases. The practice of gentle art helps to armor the body against the consequences of stress on physical and mental health.

Bad sleep

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 30% of the American population suffers from some sleep disorder. Among the youngsters, this number is even more frightening, 88% sleep poorly and present problems related to sleep.

People who exercise are free from the harms of physical inactivity and sleep better. The exercises help in releasing important hormones for a good night's sleep. Getting out of bed the next day will no longer be a hardship.


Sweating the shirt does not only exercise the muscles of the body, but also puts the brain to "work out". By improving your aerobic fitness, you have contributed to a positive performance of your cognitive functions while maintaining the integrity of the brain mass and cardiovascular system. Making jiu-jitsu is a guarantee of good memory.

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