Lose Weight Fast, Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life, And Have An Absolute Blast Doing It…

All While Learning the Same Self-Defense Skills That Our Military Forces Rely On!

ABOVE: Testimonials from women in our adult classes in Austin, TX

  • Have you given up on aerobics and running?
  • Are you sick of hitting the gym, only to face long lines for equipment?
  • Are you time-crunched and looking to get your workout in while dong something fun?

Then maybe it’s time you checked out Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

400,000 Soldiers And 180,000 Marines Can’t Be Wrong…

Years ago the Army Rangers were looking to update their hand-to-hand combat training with modern skills.

They settled on one art – Brazilian jiu-jitsu – both for its effectiveness and because it was easy to teach to soldiers, male and female, of all shapes and sizes.FullSizeRender-1

In more recent years, the program they developed has been adapted for use by all Army units, and the Marine Corps also developed their own program based on the Army’s research. Since then, the American military has proven Brazilian jiu-jitsu in combat through two wars and in multiple combat theaters.

But here’s the really neat thing… anyone can learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu and develop the same self-defense skills that our soldiers rely on. And in our classes, men and women both can easily learn the same jiu-jitsu skills relied on by our military forces to save lives and to help keep them in tip-top shape, all year-round.

ABOVE: Father and son Alan and Talan share what they enjoy most about Brazilian jiu-jitsu training

What Works For Hollywood Stars Can Work For You Too. And it’s not just our soldiers and marines who turn to Brazilian jiu-jitsu for a great workout and reliable self-defense skills. Dozens of Hollywood stars train in BJJ, including


  • Naomi Watts,
  • Anthony Bourdain (who says it saved his life),
  • Ashton Kutcher,
  • Modern Family‘s Ed O’Neill,
  • filmmaker Guy Ritchie,
  • Michael Clarke Duncan,
  • Sean Patrick Flannery (who holds a black belt in BJJ),
  • Mel Gibson (who had to learn it for fight scenes in Lethal Weapon),
  • Ice-T,
  • Wesley Snipes,
  • Ricki Rockett (who is also a BJJ black belt),
  • Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle,
  • Nick Cage,
  • adult martial arts classes in Austin and Drippings SpringsJim Carrey,
  • Joe Rogan,
  • Jason Statham,
  • the late Paul Walker,
  • and rocker Tommie Lee

If these Hollywood stars and music industry entertainers rely on Brazilian jiu-jitsu to help them relieve the stress of their busy lives and stay in shape, don’t you think it’ll work for you, too?

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