• Self-defense
  • Improves self-esteem, self-confidence and develops character
  • Defines the body, abdomen and hip, with periodic training the results appear between 4 and 5 months
  • It accelerates the metabolism promoting the  burning of calories also in the period of rest
  • Helps to diminish the belly and lose weight
  • Increases physical strength 
  • Improves cardiovascular and respiratory capacity
  • Helps to encourage the timid and calm the restless and anxious
  • Flexibility increases motor coordination and reflexes
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.

For those who want to lose weight, getting fit and getting a good physical fitness, practicing jiu-jitsu is an excellent option. The workouts require a great physical effort with a very high caloric expenditure, which can  burn 1000 calories in an hour of class, between stretches, warmups with fighting positions and finishing with the  class techniques with several repetitions.

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